Eric Stromberg
Tuba BBb, Baritone BC
Dallas, Texas

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I began in 6th grade under the middle school band teacher. I played until Fall of high school junior year.
Then we moved to Dallas and I was offered the opportunity to play in the developmental band - I passed on this.
In college, I played with an ROTC Drum and Bugle corps on a baritone, piston bugle for two years.
Then I was out of music for over 25 years.
I resumed playing tuba under Lorenzo Parker when my younger son was learning to play in elementary school. (He needed someone to help supply base and he had an extra horn available.)
After a while, I joined the Town North Concert Band followed by the Dallas Czech Orchestra.
Since retirement, I have played in other groups and I have learned to use music software to help myself and others.


Town North Concert Band
*Dallas Czech Orchestra
*Frohsinn Kapelle (German Band) of Dallas
New Horizons Band Dallas
*Dallas Low Brass Choir
Heritage Band of Dallas
*Hella Shrine (Garland) Concert Band
Melissa Christian Church


Since retiring, I have attended three band camps.
During the first camp, I received an ovation for playing a Dixieland solo that I adapted for the music we were playing.
I am now making plans to go to Ireland with a NHIMA band during summer, 2020.


My sister took piano lessons for several years.
My brother was told "Maybe the drums".
My first wife (died of cancer in 2007) had played first chair trumpet and saxophone during high school.
My second wife played first chair clarinet during high school and now plays keyboard in church and in the Plano New Horizons Band. She has substituted with the Dallas New Horizons Band, DixieSwing, and UpSwing.
My older son played bass trombone for all-district and my younger son played 5 instruments during the 8th grade spring band concert, and then qualified to attend the Dallas Arts Magnet School as a trumpet player. (He later changed to visual arts at the same school.)
My two granddaughters are exploring music through dance.


In addition to music, I also enjoy playing tennis.


1. A few years ago, the alumni of the first high school that I had attended managed to locate me through my membership in the Dallas New Horizons Band, and I was able to attend a class reunion of the group with which I would have graduated.
2. As a retired science and math teacher, I have been able to volunteer at the Dallas high school from which I graduated. A few years ago, the alumni of this school honored me for my service to the school.