Eric Stromberg
Tuba, Baritone
Dallas, Texas

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Personal Music History
I began playing the tuba in the sixth grade. Why the tuba? I don't know - it was available, I guess. I played through middle school and most of high school in Redwood City, California. During college, I played a piston, baritone bugle in a drum and bugle corps for a couple of years.

When my younger son began playing trumpet in elementary school, I began to play again to help out the volume and musicality of the bass section. Then I joined and played with the Town North Concert Band. After several years, I became frustrated with the pace that the director wanted in his music. I quit about a year ago.

Now that I am semi-retired, I occasionally go to my nearby high school and play with the band there. The students seem to enjoy having me and, this year, the tubas need the help.

At one time, I also played baritone horn. The baritone horn had far more interesting music parts, and the tuba was for power. Now the tuba is for not needing to practice so much to maintain my lip.