June Stoskopf
Retired Elementary Guidance Counselor
Rowlett, Texas

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Personal Music History
I started Percussion in the 6th grade and played through High School, and the summer alumni band in Valley City, OH., 1948-1953. I began playing again in 1999 when the University of Northern Iowa NHB was organized and played with them for 5 1/2 years before moving to Rowlett in Sept 2004.

Statement About New Horizons Band
The New Horizons Band is just a wonderful way to reconnect with music making of earlier years or venture out and try an instrument you've always wanted to play. I always wanted to be able to play drum set and two years ago I started playing. The challenge of the mental focus and physical co-ordination to do that is one of the benefits of playing in the NHB. It gets you out and about making new friends, working with others toward a common goal, and of most importance is the enjoyment and fun. I was delighted to find another NHB to join so I could continue playing.