Howard Schwartz
Bb Clarinet, Oboe, Alto & Tenor Sax
Dallas, Texas

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• A self-taught clarinetist, I was good enough to join my junior high school performing band only after 3 months of practice.
• I continued playing in high school and college performing bands as well as in the orchestra pit for such school productions as "Hello Dolly" and "South Pacific".
• During balmy New York summer nights, I would often travel to the "city" to see live performances of the Goldman Band in Lincoln Center's Damrosh Park Band shell.
• I also enjoyed whenever the New York Philharmonic came to perform outdoors at one of the city parks.
• There I saw my favorite clarinetist of all, Stanley Drucker, who retired in 2009 after playing 60 years with the Philharmonic.
• Life was musically great growing up in New York City.
• Then a strange thing happened...I stopped playing for about 30 years only, to be reawakened in 2008 by a friend who casually said, "I am in the Town North Band here in Dallas...why don't you come and see if you like it?"
• So I came, I liked, and kept on coming every week.
• I realized that I missed that creative part of my life while "keeping my day job".
• Little by little, I then joined other community bands.


• *Town North Concert Band • *Richardson Community Band • *Froshinn Capella
• *New Horizons Band Dallas


• After graduating with a Physics/Secondary BA degree, I taught high school science a few years before going back to school for my Mechanical Engineering degree.
• My next few positions were in R&D.
• I worked for Lockheed Martin where among numerous missile programs, I also worked years developing the Heat Rejection Subsystem panels for NASA’s Space Station.
• Next, I then worked 11 years at Abbott Labs Diagnostics Division where I help design various medical devices.
• Then I spent the next 8 years at Corning where I helped develop numerous fiber optic products, accumulating 11 patents in the process, one of which was worth more than $50M to the company.


• My wife, Polly… married 32 years
• My son, Josh… just turned 30 and is a professional Technical Writer for a finance company


• Music, listening, performing, and clarinet maintenance/set up
• Golf
• Tennis


• As a high school senior, I made 2 student films that won awards at the NYC Arts Festival and the Queens Borough Library Contest.
• Although I may have had a talent for filmmaking, I never made another film after that.