New Horizons Band-Dallas Concert Band welcomes new members. However, too many instruments in one section can cause an overload in comparison with the rest of the band. The band currently  has need for all band instrumentation, with particular need for percussion, oboe, English horn, bassoon, baritone sax and tubas.

There are four requirements for joining the NHBD Concert Band:

  1. be able to read music,

  2. be age 50 or older (although exceptions to this are possible),

  3. play or want to play an instrument scored for bands.

  4. be able to rehearse on Fridays and perform when concerts are scheduled.

No audition is required for the Concert Band.

The Concert Band rehearses every Friday from 12:45pm to 2:45pm at the Carrollton Senior Center, 1720 Keller Springs Rd., Carrollton, Texas 75006. UpSwing rehearses from 3:00pm until 4:30pm. DixieSwing rehearses in various members' homes. The members of UpSwing , DixieSwing and Dallas Low Brass are chosen from the membership of the Concert Band when available.

The dues are $20 per quarter for the Concert Band and a membership in the Carrollton Senior Center is required in order to rehearse there. No dues are required for members of UpSwing, DixieSwing, and Dallas Low Brass.

If you need an instrument, we can direct you to places to rent or buy them at very reasonable prices. In some cases the band or its members have instruments to loan to help you get started.

If you would like to join or have questions, please contact:

Ray Martin: 972-661-1707
Email: rjmartintx@yahoo.com